Dolphin Pro/Pro+ Extension Bimini for Pro2/Pro3 T Top

Important Note: The extension bimini will bring extra pressure to your t top, for Pro model extension bimini please take off the canvas of this extension when you drive your boat or vehicle over 35MPH. For Pro+ model please telcecope the bimini to the shortest.

Step 1: Assemble the frame as per below picture.

Step2: Wear the canvas onto the frame.

Step 3: Install the 4x clamps onto the t top frame, put 2 clamps on the left and right side top frame, and the other 2 on the rear frame, make sure they are installed symmetrically.

Step 4: Attach the extention bimini to the clamps and tighten the screws.

For Pro+ model, the only difference is there are 2 pins on each bimini leg, these pins allow you slide the bimini from the longest position to the shortest.

When it is at the longest position, it is as same as the pro model.  When you slide the bimini to the shortest, don't need to take off the canopy,  just zipper off the canvas from left and right legs, push it to the shortest position and lock with the spring pins. You can zipper the loosen canvas onto the canopy.

On the opposite side you are free to put the loosen canvas in the pocket and sealed with velcro or just keep them loose on the top.

A sample of telecoped bimini

When slide out the length of the extended shade is 48in.

When slide in it is shorted to 18in.