Dolphin Pro Economic T Top W/black canopy

Dolphin Pro Economic T Top W/black canopy

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Dolphin pro ecomonic T top is a new and ecomonic design for small to medium size 16ft - 19ft boat, heavy duty 1.5inch frame brush anodised. Fits up to 43inch console. Dolphin Unique design of quick removable cover. 79 Inches high, 63inch L x 52 inch wide cover.

Dolphin Pro Economic T Top W/black canopy

Canopy color: Jet Black

The Pro ecomonic T Top is designed for the small to mid size boat.
Center Console Alloy or fibreglass
Attaches direct to your floor.
4 x standoffs fron T Top to your console.
Quick removable cover, zipper and velcro.


79 inches high
Up to 43 inch wide consoles
63 inches long x 52 inches wide Cover
24 inches front to rear feet center to center.

Lowering the T Top

Remove the bolt from rear leg.

Front leg 3 bolts, loosen middle bolt and remove top and bottom

Pivot the T Top forwards


1.5 inch heavy duty anodised 6063 alloy frame.
CNC Machined 6061 Alloy fitting.
Marine grade VIII, UV resist Acrylic cover.


brush anodised